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A lot of fun

This podcast is a fun True Crime podcast. Maria clearly is the anchor and the dynamic between her, Kash and Laurie is a lot of fun. I particularly enjoy using this podcast as a companion piece to True Crime series that are airing on various platforms.

Perfect mix of humor and true crime

This is my all time favorite podcast. The best episodes have Maria, Lauri, and Kash together, but they’re all good.

Bloody fun

These queens are changing the cinematic tapestry.


I love listening to you guys on my way to and from work ☺️❤️

Great Listen!

I love listening to them! And it’s not just cause I’m the father of one of them!

Portable catty and cathartic content on true crime

Listening to this podcast is like sitting at that mysterious table in high school where they didn’t care what other people thought...except they just talk about true crime!

Fun podcast!

fun times with the gang!

Great listen!

Interesting content and conversation between the hosts and guest hosts. Highly recommend!

Great podcast!

I love you ladies. Oh, and Lauri, say you’re beautiful inside and out. ;)

Great true crime pod

Lauri, Maria and kash have really great chemistry and cover so many obscure true crime stories that I’ve never heard on any other podcasts. Highly recommended.

Great Pod! Glad I Found It 😊

I’ve always been a huge fan of Lauri Roggenkamp on her other podcasts so I thought I’d check out this one even the though the true crime genre usually isn’t my cup of tea. What a pleasant surprise! The banter between the the gals (is that term triggering? I hope not!) is great fun and the subject matter is much more intriguing and palatable than I’d imagined. Loved finding out more about the sovereign citizen movement (what maroons;). Kudos to all involved. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 FFL (fan for life) aka TravvyCosmos

Awesome Podcast

Bloody Podcast is a unique mix of true crime stories / history and jokes from two funny and talented comedians. I saw them perform a mini version of the podcast live and they did an amazing job. Listen if you wanna learn about murder and laugh while doing it.

Loved Them As Bloody Mary & Still Do

They changed from the Bloody Mary Podcast with Maria & Lauri to just Bloody Podcast. I think it suits them better.