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A podcast about women in true crime and folklore. We cover all the HBIC's throughout the world's history. From murderers to women torturers, witches, thieves, con women, goddesses, the wrongfully convicted, mythological creatures, legendary heroines, infamous madames, and every type of black magic woman in between-- Bloody Podcast has it all, with a dose of comedic relief from hosts Maria Felix, Lauri Roggenkamp, and comedic guests including Kash Abdulmalik and many more.

Recent Episodes

Ep. 153: Dolores Vasquez (Patreon Re-Release)

May 19, 2022

In 1999, the murder of Rocío Wanninkhof rocked the small town of Costa Del Sol, Spain. After investigating, detectives looked at Dolores Vasquez, Rocio's mother's former partner. Dolores maintained her innocence. Enjoy this …

Ep. 152: Georgia Tann - Executive Secretary & Child Trafficker

May 9, 2022

Georgia Tann spearheaded the kidnapping and trafficking of thousands of children throughout the 1920's - 1940's in the United States. Armed with lots of connections and a classist view of the world, Georgia altered the life …

Ep. 151: Lisa "In The Sky" Nowak

April 29, 2022

Lisa Nowak is an accomplished astronaut (that’s right, astronaut), naval officer, and attempted murderer. In 2005, she attacked her ex’s new lover after driving cross country to corner the woman in an airport parking lot. Ka…

Ep. 150: Kim Sun-Ja, South Korea's "The Cyanide Killer"

April 6, 2022

Kim Sun-ja owed a lot of money to a lot of people, but figured the best way to pay them back was with murder. Kash and Lauri give a masterclass in accents, Maria schools Kash in proper soda pronounciation. We're very much jo…

Ep. 149 - Virginia Larzelere "Incest, Dentistry, and Murder"

March 30, 2022

We step into 1980's Orlando, FL for a classic case of murder for hire, or is it? Virginia Larzelere was accused of getting her son to commit murder for her, but did she also have a hold on the people around her, or did peopl…

Ep. 148: Vampire Killer Tracey Wigginton

March 23, 2022

For this case we travel to Australia to cover the story of Tracey Wigginton. Tracey came to be known as the "Lesbian Vampire Killer" and "Devil's Wife" in the media. In the fall of 1989, she convinced her friends she was a v…