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Sept. 22, 2022

Ep. 162: Lisa Connelly "The Bully Murder" Part 2

Ep. 162: Lisa Connelly "The Bully Murder" Part 2

Lisa Connelly and Marty Puccio, The Bully Murder Part 2 - We go over the events directly leading up to the crime, the murder, and the eventual downfall of Lisa Connelly, Marty Puccio, Ali Willis, Heather Swallers, Donny Semenec, Derek Dzvirko and Derek Kaufman. Deets: Lauri talks about how deep in the closet Bobby was, we question 90's parenting methods, we DON't talk about how canals work despite how much Maria researched it.

Show Notes:
Main Source - Bully by Jim Schutze

Big Audio Note: Maria did not develop a lisp, she's been trying to learn audio editing and cutting out all the background noise and breathing, this is the best she can do at the moment. Even though this process cut out much of the noise, it also cut out most of her S's and Z's. We're an independent podcast, its a learning process, y'all.

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